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Daddy AF HMV

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"fun" fact: the second audio clip Slayyyter used is from a Vine, she said that because she was under house arrest for indecent exposure, no one seemed to comment on it during the OG music video so I guess not many saw the Vine. When I start making an HMV, I usually come into it with at least one strong idea (often it's something for a specific verse, or a repeating visual), then I'll find the rest as I make it. This is the first time I've completely scraped that one idea but kept the rest of the video; originally the line, "whippin' in a pink truck" was going to have the main girl from 'Sei Yariman Gakuen Enkou Nikki' standing while the 3D Cop Car T-bone meme happened behind her, it looked like shit. Yeah, so that was a learning experience for me; it took me a while to get to this song, it was almost a Nyakimuni video, but the only idea I had was "daddy -> futa" so it never materialized. Side note: I'm going to be starting an internship alongside my day job, so I may be uploading even less regularly (ironically a full-time job would give me a lot more free time).