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Kangxi Fuckin – Shake It Shake It

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Hello There My Good Sirs….!!! How Are Ya’ll Doing? I Hope Ya’ll Doing Just Fine :D And yes, as per usuall, here is your monthly Kangxi deses, the main dish XD We have ourself teacher Kangxi this time, having lots of fun doing the club activities XD That school looks like aparadise, let me tell you man XD, I probably enjoys school soooooooo fucking much if this is my school XD, although I’m not sure if I get a good grade cuz she givbe me so much motivation, or I will get a really bad grade cuz she give me too much of “motivation” XD Either way, I need to enter this club A-S-A-P man XD Like My Work? You Can Support Me On Patreon Become a Patreon and Get One Week Early Access to My Mmd Sex Video in 1080P and 4K Please Consider To Support Me on Patreon If You Can, That Will Help Me To Make More Mmds Come to think about it, I guess this is the first time I do stockings huh? Its quite nice, its hot, well I know my opinion is bias AF, cuz Kangxi, but I think its not bad at all, stocking is good, maybe I should do more of it in the future, well, ofcourse if the model allows it Song - Shake It Shake It Original Mix Model edits by - mmd zack R18 Animation by - Me Find Me on Twitter - @RinErena Ps: if you would like to use my animation, you can, I usually do trade with a model or you can pay zack to make me a model for it, send me a massage for more details, although my motion is more complicated to use, it wont be as easy as loading the motion to the model and that’s it like normal dance motion, you will need to edit the model to add some extra bones, and also do lots of OP, and also readjust the motion to your model, so it will be lots more effort to use it, just a fair warning welp, that was all for now i hope you can enjoy this one stay save guys