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Mizugi Party Tonight

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This video is both inspired by content, and also it's entirely a dance vid, however it was designed both to test this new outfit, and to tell y'all that I will be changing my Raycast visual settings soon, what you see on this video might not even be the final iteration of the change. *Even if this is a temporal shader tecnique, I would love to hear your opinions on it anyways.* Anyways I hope you all enjoy this video! I thought this motion was perfect to showcase Tae on this new swimsuit, so please enjoy the video~ Also I shortened the hair because it used to hide the ass cheeks, which I wasn't looking forward to honestly. If you would like to support me, get this video in 4K along with EVERYTHING previous I made without backnumbers or extra payments, by joining at any tier on my Patreon page you have access to ALL! Thanks a lot! *-My Socials-* Support my humble work and get this and my other videos at higher quality! Voluntary Donation: