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Todays installment put a hurting on my PC for some reason. took almost 1 hour to render the video in 780P >.< I'm not sure if its because I supersized the Game Store stage so I could make the models look like small figurines. There may have been a better way to go about this but I couldn't be bothered to look it up. As Always Please let me know what you think! Be honest I can take it! I'm also willing to take on request if any one has a video they would like to see made! Assets Used:. "The Great" DatMMDGuy: Nepgear/Purple Sister v1.62 White Heart Succubus v1.0 Blanc v1.0 Orange Heart v2.0 "The Amazing" Ademar440: Izumi +all above models "the wonderful" Onigiridojo: the other 2 models I cant remember their names but they seemed to fit the theme really well. Effects: RayMMD KiraKira difusion7 workingfloor Figurine Poses: gigimcadam snorlaxin