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RWBY learns about Genshin

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I feel like I could of done better with this one. But procrastination really hit me hard these past few months, even watching it back there are things I'd like to change, but I'm just happy to finally have this small video out of the way. Should of made IK models of these characters, but I'll know better for next time. That or maybe I'll try attaching the genshin characters to my usual base models. Reasons I choose Blake and Weiss to be with Eula and Raiden Shogun is because of the models I have access too they are my two favorites. Eula being my favorite Genshin character. While out of the last few Genshin models I have I let my good friend Blaisingfire choose who Glynda would get to be with and he chose Jean completely because of her looks. I might return to this again in the future, maybe add a bit more to it, possibly even give it some story and add in another pair, I have a good Ninnguang model I'd like to use also. Maybe while I work on my longer stuff I can make some short videos for each pair shown in here that's a bit longer with more positions.