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[MMD - NSFW ver. - Mio] Time to conqueror (yawned) - Conqueror

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I still decided to upload this NSFW ver here even though I'm in China mainland and, you know, the situation now here is tense, for I love the people who love my works. For the **4K 120FPS** original anime vid, you can go to [my Patreon](, and also you can achieve the 4K60FPS version, the pictures and thumbnails, their PSD files, and more there. For the tense situation now, my co-worker chose not to publish his name. From January when this project was created, until the arrival of May, this MMD anime, which had gone through ups and downs, now is finally completed! In the past few months, the motion and camera had been kept improving...Although there are still many imperfections, it doesn't matter! I'll work harder in the future! 👊 This time I tried Blender. I have to say that although the visual effects brought by Blender were impressive, the model worked not very well, and there were many clips that happened on the shirt and skirt. As for some problems with the model's hands and legs... I tried my best to fix it, but because this is a motion capture animation + IK feet are disabled, they were quite difficult to be fixed, and even sometimes it was better not to fix them. ![]([email protected]) ![]([email protected]) Model: 8BAB, ドワオ-0126, Jstzjgsc, Ngon Stage: RedialC Motion: Suzuki Rin & 1st PLACE, Jstzjgsc, Lovemax Camera: TsWEITAO, Jstzjgsc Produce: Jstzjgsc Render: *Anon* Post-processing: Jstzjgsc Caption: Jstzjgsc BGM: IA - Conqueror, DANTZ Remix - Conqueror Tools: MikuMikuDance, Blender, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Vegas Pro, Squirrel video frame interpolation