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[R18 MMD] How It's Done

### [STORY]: "Wow mom... You were so horny I couldn't watch the movie in peace. I wonder if you remember anything from the plot. For two hours you groped and sucked my cock. The people looked at us as if we were some kind of perverts" said the man to the woman next to him. The two were walking through the park at night in a direction they only knew. "I'm sorry honey... You know how much I love the taste of your cock. It's also so huge and manly... Thinking about it drives me crazy" said the Momoka, biting her lips. "You even wore clothes several sizes too small and all that jewelry. Almost all of your ass and pussy are visible. You look incredible! You really know how to dress up for me. Wouldn't you like to continue our foreplay here?" said the man, grabbing Momoka's ass. "Oh, dear... We shouldn't do it in public... Someone will see us" said an embarrassed Momoka. "C'mon mom, we already sell our own AVs anyway. Almost everyone knows that we fuck with each other. Take off those clothes and dance for me. I want to see those beautiful boobs of yours" he replied, grabbing Momoka's bust. The woman obediently pulled off her clothes, under which was an extremely sexy swimsuit. "Oh, mom! You really are ready for any opportunity! You're the best! I promise that when we get home I will fuck you well" he said, then sensually kissed Momoka's lips. The woman was so excited that she would have been ready to have sex with him even here on the grass. ### [INFO]: I hope you like it 😄 I hope you'll forgive my recent confusion. If my image post didn't clear things up, feel free to ask.